What does Nuqta mean?
A drop, mark, point or dot from which all letters emanate.

What it is?
Nuqta is a collaborative, mobile and web app, which invites the public to post images of Arabic calligraphy and typography as they experience it anywhere, and on anything.

How does it work?
It's simple. Take a photo; give it a name and description. Drop a pin (or Nuqta) on a map automatically, and share your image with the world.

You will be able to access the worldwide map facility through the Nuqta website. Features of the website will include online picture library, user profiles, the ability to browse the collection by location, style, and user.

Nuqta is a not-for-profit app and web project. It is the idea of calligrapher Soraya Syed (Art of the Pen) and is developed by London based agency Inspiral Design Ltd.

Nuqta aspires to benefit anyone anywhere in the world with a love for Arabic typography and calligraphy. It is a long-term project that plans to evolve and advance largely based on user feedback. We hope that Nuqta will become a useful tool; the idea is to learn, share and educate, so that the user is learning from the content online as well as educating others through what they post.

We aim to observe how these art forms are changing through your eyes and with your contributions, to turn Nuqta into the ‘wiki’ of Arabic calligraphy and typography.

Get in-touch if you are an organisation or individual who would like to support the Nuqta project.

Please contact the Nuqta Team at hello@nuqta.com.

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